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About this site


This is a web-site created specifically to allow patients of Dr Gil Lederman to tell their own stories of their experiences with him and his treatment, in their own words. It is totally independent of him, Radiosurgery New York (RSNY) or any of the medical establishments in which he has worked.

Who can contribute

We are happy to consider material for publication submitted by any of Dr Gil Ledermanís patients or their loved ones. If you have a story you would like us to publish, please email Chris Ottewell either with your draft material or with any queries you may have about writing/submitting it. We encourage you to show your real name and contact information, but if you would rather not that does not preclude publication as long as we can verify that the patient is genuine.

Copyright ©

The Lederman Patients Web Site is only responsible for the on-line publication of these stories. We do not own the copyright which remains with the individuals who submitted them. Furthermore, each individual writer is responsible for the content and veracity of their own story. home