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The Carlene Francis story
Told by her husband Richard Francis

After discovering that her breast cancer had metastasized to her liver, my wife sought help from doctors at prestigious cancer centers across the country. We went everywhere. As she gradually lost battle after battle it became apparent to us that she was being treated according to the “book” of standard treatments for cancer. My wife’s cancer was different that the “norm” and required a different way of thinking.

By the time we discovered Dr. Gil Lederman and the folks at Staten Island University Hospital’s Radiosurgery Center, my wife had metastases amounting in the hundreds in her brain, dozens in her liver and several in her bones. Due to the severity of the brain disease, she was given only months to live. Dr. Lederman and Dr. Silverman at SIUH took on her case and produced the first positive results of her treatment program. After a series of planned treatments they cleared her brain and liver completely for more than a year and also permanently eradicated the bone lesions. Eventually she had some recurrence in the liver and brain which again was eradicated and allowed nearly 2 years of remission with no ill effects of any kind. Through it all she enjoyed a wonderful quality of life.

The brain lesions remained stable and it was finally her liver, after almost 4 years, that brought her to the end. She was given up by the most prestigious hospitals and doctors in the country and sent home to die. It was only by the aggressive and thoughtful approach taken by Dr. Lederman and his associates at SIUH that she was able to overcome such a heavy burden of disease to survive to live a rich and wonderful life for many years longer than anyone could predict.

This time given her was cherished by her friends and family who she traveled with and spent time with between her treatments. Dr. Gil Lederman is a thoughtful and aggressive doctor who takes on cancer with the intention of winning. I applaud him for his bravery and deeply thank him for his help.

Richard H. Francis
Las Vegas, Nevada

Richard Francis
additional comments

I sat in the hallway one day at SIUH while my wife was in the treatment room and saw a guy on a gurney just lying there. Dr. Lederman walked by in a rush and out of the corner of his eye noticed this guy and stopped to see why he was there. Apparently there was some mix-up with records and he was called to come in for a scan. Off the top of his head Dr. Lederman knew everything about the guy... Looked at his chart and could see there was a mistake. He fixed it all in moments and the man was on his way. The guy was a patient who had been treated and cleared by Dr. Lederman... He knew the situation and fixed it all just by noticing the guy lying near the waiting room.

I sat next to many patients who told me their stories...showing me the scars on their heads from all the surgeries...and then showing me their scan results showing that they were finally free of cancer. I heard it again and again from people sitting next to me...and saw first hand the results with my wife. Her doctor in Las Vegas was also stunned at her progress.

There are all kinds of knuckleheads around this, of course, one or two of them will have to pick on someone like Dr. Lederman. His aggressive style is maybe not for everyone... except for people who want a chance to live.

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Richard H. Francis
Las Vegas, Nevada

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