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Our collective opinion of Doctor Gil Lederman
Dr. Ledermanís Rise to International Recognition

We have known Doctor Gil Lederman, since 1987, when my wife was first diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer and became one of Doctor Ledermanís first patients, at Staten Island University Hospital, where Doctor Lederman had recently been appointed as the hospitalís Director of Radiation Oncology.

During that time, we witnessed the rapid growth of this department and the entire hospital under the leadership of Doctor Lederman , and the hospitalís President Mr. Vic Varrone.

The hospital itself was well known on the Island as just one of many hospitals at the time, but never had the notoriety, nor the international reputation, that Doctor Lederman and President Varrone had created. Staten Island University Hospital was soon recognized as one of the best hospitals to go to for the treatment of many known cancers and was considered to be on the leading edge of this technology.

In 1999, I too was diagnosed with Prostate cancer and was treated by Doctor Lederman and his very fine professional staff. Over the years, it was easy to see why Doctor Lederman, was appointed Director of this department, as he had all the qualifications for this position. He is a no nonsense doctor, whose patients always come first. His concern and compassion for his patients extends beyond his professional position to a deeper side of human enterprise. Doctor Lederman, cares deeply for the suffering and fears of his patients. What doctor do you know today, would leave their home 10 oíclock at night and visit their patients to check on their progress. Dr. Lederman, cares for us like our family doctor, who may have known us since our childhood.

Over the years we have known Doctor Lederman, his value system has never altered, he is deeply committed to his patients young, or old, rich, or poor. Their social status was never a consideration in his treatment of their condition. Many patients who were without means were treated the same as the more affluent. You were never alone, as Doctor Lederman, was always there to comfort you. He would quote the statistical percentages for your type of disease, which gave you hope, but never promised you a miracle cure.

Written by Mr. & Mrs. James Mc Namara

January 5, 2006

The Character Assassination of Dr. Lederman, by a High Profile Tinsel Town Patientís Wife for Notoriety and Possible Financial Gain

Doctor Ledermanís, troubles began when he treated the high profile star of The Beatles, George Harrison, in the Department of Radiation Oncology at Staten Island University Hospital in October, 2001.

However, it was not until January, 2004, that the original treatment of George Harrison became an issue.

This issue occurred when a major lawsuit was brought against Dr. Lederman, when George Harrisonís wife wanted a guitar her husband willingly autographed back in 2001. At the same time, a disgruntled fellow employee and the collective wives of some Italian patients, whose spouses died of cancer after being brought to this country for treatment, also filed major lawsuits.

This prompted an onslaught of accusations and we believe many untruths on the part of George Harrisonís spouse, and the other plaintiffs. At the same time this generated headlines in the local paper (The Staten Island Advance ), and The Daily News, whose negative editorials were scandalous and apparently hyped to increase readership and thus increase circulation.

Knowing Dr. Lederman, as we do, prompted us to send letters to the local paper decrying what was being done to this honest man. The more negative the publications the more people decided to cash in on the situation.

As a result of all the negative publicity, the hospital, who never once came to Dr. Ledermanís aid, or support, washed their hands of this just man, as did a number of his colleagues, who never sent letters to the newspapers denouncing their editorials.

This doctor from Iowa, was even criticized for the way he dressed; I guess he should have worn overalls and had a piece of hayseed between his teeth. The cynical remarks on a manís attire by the local paper is insulting. To what extent will the local media go in their character assignation, since crucifixions today are no longer in vogue.

January 5, 2006

Very truly yours,
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